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Hello, English speakers. Here is an interview conducted by NoFrag. We are a french site dedicated to FPS.
NoFrag: Could you please introduce the team? how many people are currently in the dev team of Insurgency: Sandstorm?NWI:Of course, New World Interactive currently has a total team of 36. This includes both full-time employees and remote freelancers. The vast majority of our team are development focused however there are also a few non-development roles such as community managers, finance, and admin. For a premium FPS developer, we are quite small, but we like to think we punch above our weight.
NoFrag: 500,000 players! Congratulations! Was that your goal or is it beyond your expectations? Out of curiosity, were sales higher during the beta phase or at the release?NWI: Going into a launch it is always incredibly hard to predict how well a game...

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